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Unique Polymer Powder 100g (PUN100)

Unique Polymer Powder 100g (PUN100)

Product of the USA, NON Yellowing & NON Chipping Formula, easy to use, self levels leaving a smooth finish...

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All our Unique Polymer Powders are available in 3 standard colours.

X-White - Bright White - Ideal for frenching leaving that bright white finish and easy to work with.
X-Blush - Deepish Pink - Faster setting time - Creamy consistancy, self leveling leaving a beautiful smooth finish - ideal for coverage but not beeing too pink..

Ultra Blush - Pearlised Pink Shade, that is sheer - Not quite as deep as the X-Blush, Fast setting, self leveling with a smooth finish - ideal to use for Frenching will not give a pinkish tone on the French White, this colour is also ideal for Airbrushed Designed Tips..



Please Note: This is a professional product and to only be used by professionals in industry.

We advise that Trainees do NOT practice on models without Qualified Supervision,  you must be qualified or completed that competency level in order to provide a service on a client.



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