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Girlee Glitz

Girlee Glitz

Glitter Glitz Eye Glitter, Create the Ultimate Bling to your Eyes. Simply mix the Glitz Eye Glitter Dust with our Alcohol Fee Eyeliner Activator and then apply - simple!.

Our Activator has proven to provide long lasting wear... 

The Activator can also be used with all our Eyedusts...    

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  Angel Kisses  
  Baby Doll  
  Beach Bunny  
  Berry Licious  
  Booty Call  
  Diamond Dust  
  Envy Us  
  Fanta Sea  
  Gold Digger  
  Haute Pink  
  I Do Blue  
  Idol Eye  
  Melon Choly  
  Meter Maid  
  Night Owl  
  Party Girl  
  Pinka Delic  
  Red Hot  

To remove the Glitz Eye Liner from your eyes, simply use an eye cleanser, removes quite easly...



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